Sorry, The Parking Lot Is Closed 

Dear Food Truck Operators,

Thank you so much for the continued support. For the 2nd Road Trip you get to pick which food truck you’d like to own. There’s no surprises, pre-reveals, or any of that. The neat thing about this is that 100 Food Truck Operators will blindly determine the rarity of each food truck based on which ones are selected the most and the least. Example: If ten people select “Steel City Hotdogs” there will be ten food trucks uniquely numbered 1-10 for on mint day. There are a total of 10 food truck styles in this collection, including a 1/1 auction and reveal for “Sketchy Cakes” food truck and “Max’s Fries”, which will be a 20 edition token where people can pay what they can to be apart of the donation to No Kid Hungry.

  • Mint Date: October 28th 5PM EST (Your food truck will be reserved for 24hr)
  • Mint Price: $150 USD in ETH (~0.12 ETH)
  • 100 uniquely numbered GIFs drawn and animated by Dave Plowden.
  • The donation goal is $20,000 which will help provide 200,000 meals to kids.

Food Truck Selection Has Ended


One Slice

One Smart Cookie

Steel City Hotdogs

Moon Bites

Tea Time

Irvine’s Burgers

Pop’s Popcorn


It’s A Wrap

Twisty Treats

Hello Gello

Taco Tuesday

Magic Sweets

The Blue Crab

We All Scream

Donut Truck

Hello Roll

Max’s Steaks

Max’s Fries 20-Edition Token. FCFS Pay What You Can. *Can’t Reserve*

Sketchy Cakes