Frank Cornacchiulo

Joe Del Broccolo

II dedicate this book, A Place Called Brooklyn, to all our readers who, like my collaborator Joe and I, learned life-lessons in the streets of Brooklyn. We ventured out every day to face life. This socialization process helped us acquire life-long experiences still in use to this day. Experiences that were, in retrospect, those experiences that helped us to make important decisions throughout our adult life.

To my wife Frances Claire: for her support and unconditional love, throughout this endeavor. My Mother Francesca, my Father Francesco, and my sister Isabella, who instilled in me love of family and that family always comes first.

I also dedicate this book to my loving family. The Cornacchiulos’: Frank & Lydia, Patrick & Tammy, Daniel & Grace & grandchildren, Patrick, Nicholas, Chloe, Frank, Alexander, Sara, Laila & Alana, Who I encourage to always embrace our family traditions..


My dedication is one of gratefulness and love to my wife Ellen, who on her worst day made my life sunshine. To my children Ellen, who raises me up on her strong shoulders, My parents Olympia and Anthony (Lena and Tony) who always made sure I was never as wonderful as I thought I was, my son Anthony who encouraged me to write and who has worked all his life to better his life and those around him, to my son Mike who by his actions defines humanity at its peak, and my departed son Joseph who like his sister teaches me that life goes on and we put one foot in front of the other.

My grandmother Frances, who as a young girl came to America with no English and a brave heart, enduring and never wavering when someone needed help. And most of all to by beautiful daughter-in-law, Anthony’s late wife who gave me the two most beautiful grandchildren; Darby Shea and Robert Courtney.


We were compelled to document our Brooklyn childhood experiences for our fellow Brooklynites. It doesn’t matter where you’re from because we are all cut from the same cloth. Perhaps the adventures and games we played in the streets had different names but it yielded the same memories.

A special salute: to Michele DePalo who introduced us and helped forge a great friendship in collaboration in the joy of this special project

-Frank Cornacchiulo & Joseph Del Broccolo